Waxing and Electrolysis

At Silk, like most salons we use both strip and hot waxes. The difference is the quality of wax we use. Getting an awesome wax is not up to the skills of your therapist alone. Our hot wax we use is top of the range, designed to remove stubborn and short hair from the most delicate of skins without irritation and bruising. Not only does this give you a less painful wax, but also with less irritation the chance of ingrown hairs is reduced. sensitive skins...no problems, our waxes will not irritate - full stop. 

We follow the strictest of hygiene standards which includes never re-dipping spatulas….ever! 

Our strip wax system is called PhD. This is the original, tried and tested hygienic tube applicator waxing system. Unlike roller systems where the roller rolls wax onto your skin and then straight back into the tube of wax, and back on to the skin again, the unique PhD applicator system has a one-way flow straight through the disposable applicator, there is no back flow of wax or skin cells into the tube, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.


Waxing Options

Bikini - $31.00

Extended bikini - $42.00

Brazilian - $82.50.00

Brazilian Tidy - $66.00

1/2 leg - $44.00

3/4 leg - $53.00

Full leg - no bikini - $61.00

Upper leg - $44.00

Underarm - $27.50

Arm - $42.00

Upper Lip - $22.00

Chin - $20.00

Chin & Jaw - $35

You will find many more waxing prices including multi area deals on via our booking system. Follow the book now link above


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