Bella Vi

Bella Vi Natural Mineral Makeup has developed into one of New Zealand's most recognized exclusive natural mineral makeup brands, offering makeup lovers a blend of natural, botanical and organic ingredients.

Bella Vi Natural Mineral Makeup contains no parabens, talc, Bismuth Oxychloride, nanoparticle mineral powder ingredients or cheap fillers; Just the best ingredients available to achieve an airbrushed, youthful appearance.

All that you should find in a good Mineral Makeup products

  • Titania – (Titanium Dioxide) An opaque pure white pigment that is a major ingredient in many mineral makeup products (approx 5% to 25%). Offers natural sun protection and anti-inflammatory properties, reflects light (only surpassed by diamonds!), has high coverage, and helps adhere makeup to your skin.

  • Mica - An almost colourless mineral with a layered structure made up of thin sheets or flakes. It is smooth and silky, also light reflective. Mica has the ability to layer which creates a smooth even finish on your face as the mica gives excellent adhesion to the skin.   Mica is mixed with iron oxides and ultramarines to achieve stunning colours.

  • Hematite – (Iron Oxides) Colored pigments that give colour to mineral makeup. Many colours are used to as colorants in mineral makeup. Black, blue, yellow, red, orange, tan and various shades like blue/red - without Iron oxides mineral makeup would be white!

  • Zinc Oxide – This naturally occurring white pigment mineral has the greatest UV absorption of all pigments available, it provides a natural resistance to UV rays. Zinc Oxide also has anti-inflammatory properties.