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SilkSpa LiveMag Sept2018

Join us for an evening all about skin

Sep 13, 2018

Chloe MacDonald is a Registered Clinical Nutritionist who specialises in skin health. Chloe heself has struggled with skin conditions and is a fantastic women to listen to. She will be talking to us about the following

  • The holistic-body, how the liver, digestion, hormones and microbiome can impact the skin.
  • Nutrients and foods that support healthy skin
  • Causes of Inflammation & other dysfunction that can manifest as skin issues
  • The other important aspects of holistic wellbeing; sleeping well, managing stress, staying active, hydration, toxin exposure and the importance of using good quality products

Charlotte Ward is a qualified dermal and beauty therapist and owner of Silk Skin Spa.

With being in the skin industry for almost 30 year, her wealth of knowledge is infectious. She is going to focus on what the sun actually does to our skin, the goods and bads and why we really need to be using an SPF every day as part of our skin care routine. SPF's don't just stop sunburn, they are the best anti-aging creams on the market.

Simone Turner is the National Trainer for Dermapen.

She is an incredible speaker to listen to and her skin knowledge is phenomenal. Micro-Needling itself has been around for a long time, but there is needling with a roller, stamper and a basic pen device and then there is the Dermapen. 
Dermapen ARE the world leaders and the results you will see from skin rejuvenation to sorting pigmentation, scar tissue, even roscea are out of this world. Demapen revolutionized the needling world and now the Dermapen 4 is nothing the world has ever seen before. 
Simone will be demonstrating the dermpaen4 to us all before it has even been released to the NZ market. Do not miss this, it is excitement plus!

Call or email the team at Silk for more information or to book.